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Method Of Manually Cleaning Leather
Oct 12, 2018

1, Manual cleaning should choose not too dirty leather. The decontamination effect of manual cleaning is general, but it is very effective for cleaning non-caking stains such as abrasion marks, spots and dust on the leather.

2. Use soapy water with liquid olive soap. Pour 1/4 cup of liquid olive soap into a bowl of warm water or water at room temperature, shake or stir to foam.

3. Dip soapy water with cotton cloth. You can use a dish cloth or a microfiber cloth. But do not use abrasive fabrics such as sponges, as this will scratch the leather.

4. Wipe the leather. When you encounter a stain that is agglomerated, use a cloth to gently wipe it in a circular motion.

5. Wipe it again with a damp cloth. This will remove the residual stains and soap. This time you don't need to wipe the corners of the leather. Just wipe off the stains left for the first time.

6, Dry. Depending on the shape of the leather, spread the leather flat or vertical and let it dry naturally.

7. Use leather care agent. This will repair the leather and protect it from dirt. The care agent can be used after the manual cleaning is completed.

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