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What is PU Leather?
Dec 12, 2018
PU is a synthetic skin and is a fake skin.

PU is polyurethane, and PU skin is the skin of polyurethane. Nowadays, garment manufacturers use this material extensively to produce garments, commonly known as imitation leather garments. PU is the abbreviation of English ploy urethane, chemical Chinese name: polyurethane, its quality is also good or bad, good bags mostly use imported PU leather;

PU leather is a second layer of leather which is generally cowhide on the reverse side. It is coated with a layer of PU resin on the surface, so it is also called film cowhide. Its price is cheaper and its utilization rate is high. With the change of the process, it is also made into various grades, such as imported two-layer cowhide. Due to its unique craftsmanship, stable quality and novel varieties, it is the current high-grade leather, and its price and grade are no less than the top layer of leather.


PU leather and leather bag have their own characteristics, PU leather bag looks beautiful, good care, low price, but not wearable, easy to break; leather is expensive, troublesome, but durable.

The advantages of pu fabric:
1, mainly made of high-elastic fiber composite, with similar characteristics of leather
2, light weight
3, strong toughness
4, breathable, waterproof
5, not easy to expand
6, environmental protection

The shortcomings of pu fabric:
Not wearable, it is easy to break

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