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What is a bookmark?
Dec 28, 2018
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Used as the title of the inscription, usually attached to the upper left corner of the ancient book cover, and sometimes the place where the book and the name of the inscribed person and the mark are read, and the small slice that is recorded in the book while recording the progress of the reading [1] The development of the Internet era has led to the development of electronic bookmarks to record the progress and experience of reading.

1. Bookmark online   is a small piece of paper that is read in the book and recorded in the book. It is made of paper, celluloid, or ceramic.

The custom bookmarks  are free and widely available. Even a used train ticket or airline ticket can be used as a bookmark. In addition to the content of the picture, artistic bookmarks are often innovative in materials and shapes. Bookmarks are more convenient than page counting methods such as folding books, and the damage to the book is lower, which is a good way of page counting.


"The art bookmark of the Japanese book that was taken up by Miss Wu every day seems to have stopped in the original position and has not moved half a step." - Mao Dun "Gyro" III

2. 〖a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book〗 Ancient refers to bamboo, teeth, paper or purlins hanging on one end of the scroll or attached to the cover, referring to the online book cover On the paper with the title of the book or the strip of the plaque, the text on it can be handwritten or printed. Some new bound books are also printed directly on the book cover in the same way.


“The pen holder is covered with rain, and the bookmarks are filled with shadows.”—Tang Du Fu’s poem "The title of the big brothers in the mountains"

"Xiangzhu is separated from the desire to make a pile, and the bookmarks are self-satisfied." - Qing Tang Sunhua's "Pen Bed" Poem

"However, the first leaf and the bookmark, but always have to ask the writer to wave." - Lu Xun, "The Letter Set·To Zheng Zhenduo"

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