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Tips for removing leather stains
Oct 12, 2018

The ball is removed by treating the colored fabric beads with 95% alcohol. Before cleaning, brush the pen directly with Amway or some egg whites, do not touch the water, and leave 5 minutes after the routine treatment. The process of fabric fading was treated with black fabric and immersed in saline for 1 minute. Change the brine to clean water and wash evenly with soft soap and soapy water.

To treat mildew, soak it in 40-degree warm soapy water for 10 minutes for routine treatment. For pure white fabric products, it can be soaked in soapy water, dried in mildew, dried for 10 minutes, and then routinely processed.

Fabric dyeing; when the fabric is dyed blue, rub the soap in a contaminated area and wipe gently with a soft brush. Repeat several times until the dye fades, and pay attention to making the contaminated foam, which can improve the dyeing and can completely remove the general stain. Do not scrub hard to avoid the appearance of fabric. After half a cup of Amway and half a cup of hot water, use a brush to clean the previous stains until the stains are brushed off.

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